Water Management solutions :

Water is one of the world's most abundant substances. However, it is also fast becoming one of the planet's most stressed resources. Access to clean water has emerged as a critical issue affecting economic activity, development, and business around the world.

Managing the quality of water and its effective distribution with the current data infrastructures, limited in scalability and interoperability inhibit timely and effective decision making across departments and organizations.

VisionGrid Technologies @Smart Water Management Solutions provide Next generation,more flexible, water management solutions while providing more robust real-time analytics, modeling, and decision support capabilities.

We enable strategic information management solutions through our time tested SCADA solutions with intelligent infrastructures and RF communications to support the management of entire water infrastructure.

We provide integrated PLC and SCADA system with intelligent controls and networking that contributes to better system diagnostics,improved process control, data collection, and remote monitoring that helps reduce employee workload.
It offers real-time visibility into monitoring water quality, trending of loads, levels and clarity, and detailed alarming, data collection and automated reporting. With our advanced web based software, utilities will be able to see a quick graphic comparison of its water-management performance over the days, weeks months and years.