Building Management Solutions :

Buildings consume approximately around one third of the world’s energy. Almost every building, be it office complexes, hotels, hospitals, manufacturing plants, retail stores etc wastes energy.

The Energy Efficiency drive should start with the assessment of how and where energy is used,and how much of it can be saved. Fortunately, there are broad opportunities to monitor and reduce a building’s energy usage; and this is where VisionGrid @Smart Building Solutions pitch in. In most organizations the second biggest expense after salaries is energy usage. It is therefore very important to know where that money is going and most importantly how you can save it.

VisionGrid's @Smart building management solutions provide business with a cost effective and flexible way of identifying their base-line energy consumption and areas of high use, so that they can proactively conduct online energy-management assessment which will help determine enterprise' readiness to make meaningful and continuing reductions in energy consumption (electric, DG Set ), and which will ultimately improve profit margins and overall company's carbon credentials.

Our sustainability solutions help organizations make real and lasting conservation improvements that optimize energy usage and reduce power consumption. Our commitment is to educate and assist decision makers in their efforts to implement proven energy-saving strategies in their facilities and operations.Our promise is to work tirelessly and diligently to help companies transform themselves into sustainable, socially responsible organizations, while strengthening their bottom lines.