About Us

VisionGrid Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

VisionGrid Technologies is a technology-driven green company that specializes in developing and marketing software solutions for utilities for energy,water management and IOT solutions.The company is guided and managed by industry experts in the field of Software & Embedded domain.


VisionGrid's guiding passion is to develop solutions that transform any utilities software into a truly pleasant experience that deliver substantial energy efficiency improvements in a more cost-effective way than ever before.

VisionGrid Technologies' wants to play a pivotal role in green energy: helping building/facility/Utility managers to improve energy efficiency through access to valuable energy/water use data, and to go green with a fast return on investment.

VisionGrid has expertise in designing and developing solutions for IOT/M2M applications.

We believe in continual improvement of our solutions and products.

Our targeted sustainable engineering solutions are focused on achieving results. We can help the organization sensitize energy/water consumption and raise productivity, outpace benchmarks , optimize capital returns, enhance process technologies, and reduce costs — and boost your return on investment.